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Cleanse, Detox, and Restore Balance With Dr. Ho Cleanse™


Dr. Michael Ho is a renowned Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture, and has been practicing and teaching for more than 18 years in many countries including United States, Canada, Sri Lanka and China.


With my years of clinical experience, extensive knowledge of the human body, and innovative thinking, I’ve developed and formulated a line of products that have helped millions worldwide live a fully enriched and healthy lifestyle.


I’ve devoted my life to the study of natural medicine and self-care. I believe that the body has incredible healing powers and under the right conditions can restore its functions. My experience in treating thousands of patients, as well as myself, and always paying close attention to the patients' needs guided my formulation of Dr. Ho Cleanse. My philosophy is to identify and correct the underlying cause of the discomfort, not just mask the pain. In most cases, the cause of one's discomfort can stem from many causes and be very complex.

Years ago, I felt that my health was not at its optimal level. I was overweight, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were rising, and I was not going to the bathroom everyday. I knew my health was at risk. So I started to eat healthier, exercise more, and most importantly, I started to detox on a regular basis. Since then, I have been feeling more energetic. Now I have no problem going to the bathroom everyday and I am able to completely empty myself each time. I actually feel lighter and younger today than I did 20 years ago.

I believe that our modern sedentary lifestyles and poor diets are the primary reasons as to why we are not living as healthy as we can. I advocate that everyone take more proactive preventative measures to promote optimal body function and maximize your quality of life.


** Individual Results May Vary




Having studied, worked and lived in different countries, I noticed that digestive wellness is important no matter where you live, especially in developed countries. In China I see the use of natural herbs for digestive detoxification and cleansing is widely practiced, and has been for centuries. The Chinese have known for thousands of years the importance of cleansing the digestive system of toxins and waste on a regular basis so this is the key to optimal health. In fact, the Chinese drink herbal teas on a regular basis to promote overall health and wellness.



During years of practice, I’ve noticed that other digestive aids existed in the market, but the majority of them fail to address every aspect of digestive health. With this in mind, I began testing many herbal formulas to help improve and promote optimal digestive health. After years of observation and scientific research into many different Eastern and Western ingredients known to help to address digestive health, I’ve developed the Dr. Ho Cleanse program.

Dr. Ho Cleanse contains our unique FiBest™ fiber formula, powerful probiotics for gut health and immunity and the finest herbs for a holistic approach to optimal health. And Dr. Ho Cleanse contains MAGNESIUM, a mineral that other cleanses don’t contain, and I’m excited about this because it has magnesium and other cleanses don’t! Magnesium is important for a digestive cleanse because it works on the cellular level to attract water to the intestines, lubricate and keep moving waste through the bowels! All this is essential for a great cleanse and optimal health!